Sunday, 13 November 2016

E T Reo Post

We have been learning about the market for E T Reo. Bella, Ruby and I have made a video to show our understanding on iMovie. Check it out.

Statistics math

Description: For maths this term we have been learning about statistics and graphs we got to choose what we wanted to learn about or what we wanted to know more about in whatever we wanted Ruby Bella and I all really want to be a house leader/School ambassador so our question was what should you see in a school ambassador/House leader? We made a slide of our questions and answers.

Book Buddies

Description: In book buddies we read books with buddies that have the same goal as us in reading. : We also have coaches that help us to make sure we understand our book and make sure that our slide is up to date. We also have disscusions with our buddies to talk about what we think about the book. This is Me and My book buddies slide

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Description:Prep is when you create something for market day to sell. You get a 20$ budget that you get to spend on making your product. We do Prep every monday morning. You can't spend over you budget but the things that you can use again are free. you can bring things from but they still cost as much as they would at the store. First you get into groups of three and you choose what you are going to make. Ruby Maria and I chose to make shower jellies they are just jelly that you can use in the shower. But you can not eat them.  Here is a slide about market day.