Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Design thinking

In design thinking we have been making paper planes. First we design our planes then we got the stuff that we were alowed the stuff was 3 straws,6 peaces of paper,a metere of tap and a free thing. Then we started to make. Here is my plane.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

E Te Reo sample

Descriptio: Every monday when kappa Haka people go we do something with Troy and Elly. At the moment we have been learning a song by stan walker. We made something to do with learning the Maori fruit. I made some flash cards to learn the Maori fruit. Here is the stan walker song.

Feedback/ Feedforward: I like that you've got a video for people to practice with.
U should put more writing in - Maria b :)

Evaluation: I think I agree with Maria

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sea turtle writing sample

Description: In poutama we have been writing about sea turtles. I our writing groups we have been planing about our writing and writing words down that we could use for our writing. Here is my story I hope you like it.

                                            How do sea turtles grow into an adult

The sea turtle is a threated species that has been on earth over 150millon years. It takes approximately 20 years to grow into an adult. Females crawl up onto the sand to lay their eggs. They usually lay 50-200 eggs. 20% don't hatch. The eggs are shaped like ping pong balls. The babies scamper to the sea.
They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Babbie sea turtles hatch all at the same time if they hatch. 50% get eaten by gulls, crabs and any other danger. Once all the other sea turtles reach the sea they shelter in sea weed. When sea turtles go looking for food 50% of the sea turtles die from big fish,sharks,currents,birds,oil,nets,waves and dolphins. When sea turtles start to grow bigger dangers become less. When sea turtles start to grow bigger in approx 20 years sea turtles start to breed. Females swim up onto the beach to lay eggs. That live for approx 80 years.

Feedback/feedforward: I like how  you did a small description and a big writing piece.
Next time you could do even more writing. -Maria 

Evaluation: I think I aggre with Maria

Monday, 20 June 2016


Description: Today in maths we did this family thing where we put down our family's names in the book, we only did our mum dad and brothers and sisters . On Troy's family the lines were pointing to who's oldest on ours the lines were pointing to who's the youngest. Here is mine see if you can figure it out.

Douglas Park Sports Exchange Sample

Description: On Tuesday Douglas Park came to Russell Street School. We played five different games there was Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, and Soccer. I played hockey, the people who played hockey went down to QEC to play on there terf. We got to play what game we wanted before they came we did a survey about what sport we wanted to play in. Then the teachers would sort out the teams, there was an A team a B team and a C team in every sport. I was in the A team for hockey. At lunch time we had a shared lunch together. Each year at our school when you are a year 5 or 6 Douglas park would come to our school or we would go to there school. This year the came to our school. Each time we go we try to win a flag. This year they won the flag


feedback/feedforward you did good at telling us all a Douglas park but you could put a bit more in your video

Evaluation: I agree with Sophie

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sport start sample

Description: Today for sports start we played gate ways. This is a fun and challenging game I love to throw the object in different ways. I like to make the game hard for others and me. I like to throw different objects. I hope you like my video.

Feedback/feedforward I like the way you worked to gether to make the game challenging next time maybe try to stand back from the gate ways but any way you did well 

Evaluation: I think I agree with Bella maybe try to stand back from the gate ways.

Weather Inquiry sample

Description: In science each class has something to focus. Ellys class are doing seed2table Nic's class are doing stuff about the moon and Troys class are doing stuff about the weather, we swapped around now Nic's class are with Troy ,Ellys class are with Nic and troys class are with Elly. We got to choose what question we wanted to focus on , my question is how is snow formed? I chose to work with a buddy my buddy is emily. my and emily have made a slide about our question here is our slide.

  Feedback/Feedforward you did good at finding information. Next time you could find some more information-Sophie I Evaluation: I think I agree with Sophie

Monday, 6 June 2016

Cross country goal

Today is cross country and we are setting our goal for cross country
My cross country goal is to come in the top 5 because all my other years I have come in the top 5 and I want to keep that goal going