Thursday, 31 March 2016

Camp goals

Description: At camp we got a number activities. Horses was my favourite because I challenge myself by choosing the most fastest horse that was there and at the end I think I like fast a lot more than slow.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Whakapapa (Family Tree)

Description :In ET Reo we have been focusing on our whakapapa which are our family trees. We made them on websites or a piece of paper. I choose to do my family tree on family echo.

Feedback: I like how you did as much a you could,Bella L

Feed forward : next time try and figger out there names Bella L

Evaluation: I think I agree with bella next time I could figger out the names

Camp gone wrong 2016

Description:We had to choose our favourite piece of writing and publish it on our blog. I choose my camp gone wrong writing because it was my best bit of writing out of Buddy Challenge Day and My Embarrassing Writing. This is My Story       

                    CAMP GONE WRONG

I am so excited about camp until… 
I have got my first duty right now. In the middle of when I was vacuuming my t-shirt got sucked up the vacuum cleaner everyone stared at me, they tried not to laugh but they did. My cheeks went red I was so embarrassed.

Oh no I am late skit practise trying to get my t-shirt out still. Finally I got it out. As soon as I entered the they all laughed at me. I was wondering why everyone was still laughing at me until I realised that I had scraps and bread crumbs and all that yuck stuff stuck on me. I got really tired and just wanted to go to have a shower. Yay it's free time I am going to have a shower in free time. Oh here comes Kate she needed a shower as well but not as bad as me.

After we had a shower me and Kate started to walk then the horn blows PARP! Time to go. I got some instructions and after I had finest the instructions time to go to bed, worst night ever someone sleep talks someone sleep walks and someone sleep farts and over the other side it's like worms wiggling in there  sleep. Someone yells “SHUT UP” oh no elly walks in. I could not sleep what a horrible night. I wonder what it will be like tomorrow hopefully some good comes to me.

Feedback nice story you really drawed me in 

Feed forward dont have any

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 eportfolio

Description:We have been working on our one word art my one word is experience I chose this because Experience new things. We started by choosing our word and Elly took a pitcher of us pretending to hold a sign once Elly printed them off we made the mesherments. Once we had meshered them we started by doing two drafts my first one was the one that I chose when we had chosen we started our good draft. We did the mesherments on the good draft and once it was coloured in and ready to go we cut them out and stuck them on our pitcher here is my one word art.

Here is my art
Feedback : I liked the way you used different colours in the back ground for each letter bella

Feedforward : next time try not to put as much vived around it.

Evaluation: I think agree with bella not putting as much vived around it.