Sunday, 4 September 2016

E TE Reo portfolio post

Description: For E TE Reo this term we have been focusing on a Whakatuaki. A Whakatuaki is questions in Maori. Here is our first Whakatuaki. We did a drawing of another person in poutama and cut it out and we put our Whakatuaki on the wall with our people.

   When we finished we leant this new Whakatuaki. It was about sharing knowledge. We are weaving baskets here is me and Maria's basket so far.

Feedback/Feedforward: your flax is cute and little but next time you could work more on the basket so it makes one. The class photo of the people is greate bella.L

Evaluation: I think I should work a bit more on the basket.

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  1. Jayde, I would have loved some more information from you about what a whakatauki is and what we focussed on? Your actions from doing this has been excellent though!