Sunday, 22 November 2015

Feet Journey

                                                  Feet journey

 My most worst nightmare Athletics, all that huffing and puffing.Oh no our first rotation and its long-jump, we have to stand in order. I’m up next here I go AHHHHHHHHH who’s done the furthest, you did so far. Everyone is done good now for the winner I have tied in coming first but I have to go again run run run JUMP!!!!!! got the same as before, here come the other feet run run jump she got the same a before we have tied.

 My most worst nightmare SPRINTS, get ready  BANG me and hannah take the lead but here comes emily and charlotte but hannah starts to slow down emily’s in the lead then charlotte then here comes me, 1st place is emily 2nd comes charlotte and I come 3rd. Brunch time yummy food, but not to long until the next rotation. Done 5 rotations now and I am on to the last rotation javelin I am the worst I can not do this BUT… I am one of the first people up, I have got butterflies in my sumick. RUN RUN throw, didn’t get any further than anyone but I did all right. Now to go back and watch the relays GO TUI tui shouts. Relays done back to the bus to start the next adventure.

By Jayde  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Jelly fish horror by Jayde

                                             Jellyfish Horror
My family had just parked right by the sea and it was beautiful.I was collecting sparkling paua shells for my sparkling collection

Then I creep more forward down the beach grabbing a collection of paua shells, I started throwing some rocks into the sea ,... a seal pup popped up and was swimming around the water,I could see it coming closer and closer then it vanished. 

I thought that it would come up onto the beach but it didn't something had caught my mind, I thought maybe the seal didn’t come up to the beach because I had it with a rock, and it wanted to see what did it.

What in the world is that it looked like a chunk of plastic. I Started to run up to it and it was a chunk of plastic. I couldn't run any further because it was to shallow  for me to run.

I started playing with my toy maverick he's a beanie boo wolf, and I was rolling him around in the sand and playing with my ball as well as playing with mavrick. Just as I was going to get my ball someone came up behind me and said BOO!! LEYLA!!!!!!!! Can you say something about who Leyla is?  Does she always do cheeky things to you like that?  I started chasing Leyla around I stopped but then I caught her.

Then I saw something else in the distance it looked like it was pink and white so I ran up to it I almost stood on it when I just saw what it was A JELLY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran as fast as I could that so scary I said to myself I had almost stepped on a jellyfish.
I ran up to mum and told her as fast as I could mum mum I saw a jellyfish and almost stepped on it please come and have a look  .          Yes yes I will just wait I’ll be there in a sec. No now so mum came over in a slow way but when she saw it she was surprised. I told you, you did tell me. Bryah came over to have a look ,put it in the water mum. I will do it now so mum put it in the water with a stick. And we went, I do not want to run into a jellyfish again.  By Jayde

Ozo bots

 In maths we have been working with some ozo bots and making them move different ways. We have been learning how they move what they understand.