Tuesday, 27 October 2015

                                            Jellyfish Horror

Where are we? We are in know answer me and my family had just parked right by the sea and it was beautiful. I was collecting paua shells for my shell collection.

Then I creep  more and more down the beach collecting paua shells, I started throwing some rocks into the sea ,... a seal pup popped up and was swimming around the water,I could see it coming closer and closer then it vanished.

I thought that it would come up onto the beach but it didn't. Something had caught my mind, I thought maybe the seal didn’t come up to the beach because I had it it with a rock, and it wanted to see what did it.

What in the world is that it looked like a chunk of plastic, I started to run up to it and it was a chunk of plastic. I couldn't run any further because it was to shallow  for me to run.

I started playing with my toy mavrick he's a bennie boo wolf, and I was rolling him around in the sand and playing with my ball as well as playing with mavrick. Just as I was going to get my ball then someone came up behind me and said BOO!! LEYLA!!!!!!!! I started chasing Leyla around I stopped but then I caught her.

Then I saw something else in the distance it looked like it was pink and white so I ran up to it I almost stood on it when I just saw what it was A JELLY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran as fast as I could that so scary I said to myself I had almost stepped on a jellyfish.
I ran up to mum and told her as fast as I could mum mum I saw a jellyfish and almost stepped on it please come and have a look  .          Yes yes I will just wait I’ll be there in a sec. No now so mum came over in a slow way but when she saw it she was surprised. I told you, you did tell me. Bryah came over to have a look ,put it in the water mum. I will do it now so mum put it in the water with a stick. And we went, I do not want to run into a jellyfish again.  By Jayde