Thursday, 24 September 2015

Zero waste

wearable arts

  WALT Sentences    

in reading we had three books to chose from and I chose escape because... I read the back and I
thought it was cool.

Slavey writing

Reading inquiry

My big question is how can we save the kakapo. This inspired me because me and ruby wanted to try and help save a kind of bird and we chose kakapo because they are seriously endangered. we have made a movie about how to save the kakapo. But you will see my movie further down my blog.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Maths ( decimal points )

Add and subtract numbers with a decimal points, and fractions

I think I did well at adding the 10ths together to make 1, next time I think I could work on putting my decimals into fractions to make it easier.


10 of the 10ths  make 1, and I have 11 10ths so 10 of the 10ths make 1 so I have 1 10th left. Add my sticks together and it makes 6 ones and add my 10ths together and there's only one 10th so it =6.1

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Toku Tinana

WALT in room six we are learning to say are body parts in maori

We have made some art of what our body parts are in maori. First we drew our selves on a peace of cardboard. Then we coloured our selves in pastles and labeled our where are body parts are in maori. and last of all we coloured in the background with die.

Reflection next time I could do better at making my mind up what colour should do my background.